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Injury Care

Our clinic is a true occupational medical clinic, in which we focus on the needs of the patient (your employee) while also understanding the business aspect of managing the treatment and possible workers compensation claim. You and your employees will experience consistency in diagnosis by our full time MD and an efficient response time by our staff. This ensures that you will know what procedures were performed at the clinic as well as the prognosis going forward. For every client, we create a client specific protocol according to each company's needs, wants and requirements. With a detailed and custom approach, our medical technicians understand exactly what is to take place when an injured worker of yours visits our clinic. It is our guarantee and pledge to you that this protocol will be followed to the letter. We are not an urgent care clinic, nor do we see patients for primary care purposes. We concentrate our efforts on the physical and medical care, treatment, follow up and return to work aspects for our clients and their employees. Our clinic has the capability to provide all of the services that you need under one roof, in our new, state of the art facility. In one location, we can evaluate, treat and manage your employees and their medical care. Post accident drug screens, breath alcohol testing, X-rays, first aid, suturing and lab services are all available for the convenience of you, the employer, and for the comfort of your employees.

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