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Respirator Fit Testing

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The professional and experienced medical technicians at NOHS are trained in quantitative respirator fit testing. OSHA requires that fit testing and respirator training be conducted annually for all employees that are required to use respiratory protection. Employees who use respirators must also be medically cleared (see Respirator Medical Clearance/Evaluation). NOHS' method of quantitative testing determines the adequacy of the face piece fit or seal of brand, model, size, etc. of a tight fitting face piece respirator by measuring the ambient air (contaminate concentration outside the mask) to the concentration inside the mask. NOHS uses the TSI Porta Count Plus device for quantitative fit testing. This programmable computerized system allows for exposure and specific OSHA protocol exercise requirements to be met. The Porta Count Plus can be used with any type of respirator with a tight fitting face piece and a wide range of adapters to fit most manufacturers face pieces allows employees to be tested in their own mask. This device is widely considered to be the most "state of the art" apparatus available. The NOHS medical technician will review with the employee important information such as: how to put the respirator on, how to inspect it and how to properly adjust it, if necessary. The technician also will explain the purpose of the test, how the equipment works and what the employee is expected to do during the test (breathing, head movements, workplace exercises, etc.). As an additional courtesy, NOHS provides customized Respirator Fit Cards for each employee tested complete with the make, model, size, type of mask and the date tested.

NOHS OSHA Respirator Questionnaire

NOHS OSHA Respirator Questionnaire (Spanish)

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