DNA Testing

Confidential DNA Testing

NOHS is committed to providing our clients with the highest standards of DNA testing and results. We are partnered with an American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) accredited lab to provide confidential DNA Testing. With less than 50 laboratories in the world qualifying to be an AABB accredited parentage testing facility, we are proud to offer this service with an accredited lab. (The tests that you need are available without insurance or a doctor’s order.)

DNA Testing will assist you in efforts to determine relationships for:

  • Paternity
  • Maternity
  • Grandparentage
  • Immigration Petitions
  • Sibling Relationships
  • Adoption
  • Ancestry
  • Twins: Identical vs Fraternal

DNA Testing Frequently Asked Questions:

How is the DNA sample collected?

Samples are obtained by using a swab and rubbing the inside of the cheek for approximately 10 seconds.


What types of samples do you use?

Cheek swab is the primary sample type. We also accept blood samples and non-standard samples including: tooth, organ/tissue, hair, toothbrush, fingernails, clothing, etc. There is an additional charge for non-standard sample types.


What should I bring with me to testing appointment?

Participants are required to bring photo identification for adults and birth certificate, social security card, or immunization records for minors. There must be a legal guardian present with any minor whose DNA is being collected.


Do the DNA samples expire?

Test samples and documentation for legal cases are stored up to 5 years after your test and then destroyed.


How old does a child need to be for testing?

There is no age limit on collecting DNA. (We have tested newborns on numerous occasions.)


When will the results be available?

Results take up to 3 business days for legal tests or 1-2 business days for non-legal or informational tests.


What will the results look like and how will I interpret them?

Your report will indicate who was tested, present the results of the genetic testing that was conducted, provide numerical statistical conclusions and a narrative describing the probability that the relationship tested (paternity, maternity, grandparentage, siblings, aunt or uncle) is true or not.


How accurate is the DNA paternity test?

DNA paternity tests are 99% accurate.


Will the results be accepted in a court of law?

A legal test result is accepted in a court of law.


How will I receive the results?

Results are received via email or USPS mail.


Are the results confidential?

Yes, the results are only accessed through the communication channels indicated on the sample collection forms.

DNA Testing through NOHS offers answers regarding paternity and much more. Whether it is a Legally-Admissible Paternity Test for child support, adding or removing a name from a birth certificate, or Information-Only Paternity Test, let us help you get your answer!