Injury Care & Workers' Compensation

Injury Care For Your Employees

The NOHS Medical Clinic is a true occupational clinic. We focus on the needs of the patient (your employee) along with the realities and responsibilities of business for you (the employer).

You and your employees will experience consistency in diagnosis and treatment, as well as an efficient response time by our staff. With a detailed and custom approach, our medical providers understand exactly what is to take place when an employee with a work-related injury visits our clinic.

Helping Your Employees Heal

With NOHS workers’ compensation and injury care services, we provide the injured employee with specialized medical care and a return-to-
work program that will lead to a safe and speedy recovery. We communicate with you, the employer throughout the injury treatment process, helping to minimize any interruption to your business while working through the process of workers’ compensation.

The following services are available for your company's workers' compensation program through NOHS:

  • Quality care for your injured employees
  • Aggressive management of workers’ compensation cases
  • Faster time for patient recovery, leading to fewer legal claims
  • Strict adherence to the State of Oklahoma workers’ comp guidelines
  • Convenient facilities designed exclusively for work-related services
  • Easy access for initial evaluation
  • Immediate medical attention available from experienced and understanding clinic staff
  • Comfortable and accessible clinic with minimal waiting
  • Continued care if necessary,  follow-up appointments
  • Direct communication to employers and insurance companies to make workers’ compensation easy on the employer
  • Excellent communication
  • Spanish-speaking medical translation available

Our medical staff is dedicated to help you get your employees back to work safely and in a timely manner!