Third-Party Administrator

What is a Third-Party Administrator?

A Third-Party Administrator (TPA) is a service agent that manages an employer’s occupational health program and/or drug and alcohol testing program. A TPA (third party) acts as a go-between with the employer (first party) and the occupational health services provider (second party). They maintain testing records, confirm that services are completed, schedule testing, resolve any issues that may occur and ensure that a company is compliant with required federal and state regulations.

As an employer, you have numerous responsibilities when it comes to managing your employees in addition to your daily workplace duties. By utilizing a Third-Party Administrator (TPA), you can delegate some of your responsibilities to an experienced and trusted partner, such as NOHS.

Why Choose NOHS?

As an established occupational health services provider since 1991, we understand what an employer expects and what a clinic should provide. We have cultivated an extensive network of occupational medical clinics throughout the state and the country. Our experience and reputation allows us to partner with clinics at our discretion, ensuring the highest quality of service for you and your employees. NOHS’s nationwide network of providers ensures a higher standard of service in a timely manner. Whether your need is for one-time or on-going services, in one or multiple locations, our providers are available to serve you. With NOHS as your TPA, you will receive efficient and effective occupational health services.

How does a Consortium or C/TPA work for Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs?

  • Determine and identify employees to be included as eligible participants for testing pool
  • Upon final approval by company representative, our Medical Review Officer Assistant (MROA) will upload the information within software program specifically designed for drug and alcohol testing programs
  • Secure and confidential random selection process will generate a list of participants, picked at random for drug and/or alcohol test
  • MROA notifies company representative of random list
  • Testing is conducted
  • Lab analysis
  • Results/MRO
  • Results retained in a database
  • MIS certificates provided annually

What are the benefits to using a TPA?

  • A TPA can save you time and money.
  • Using a TPA means less paperwork to process from bills to records.
  • TPA’s can hold and maintain required testing and screening records so you don’t have to try and manage all of the paperwork.
  • Through technology and online portals, options for electronic communications and solutions are available and easily accessible.
  • With the ability to process tests and screenings at a faster rate, employers are able to receive results and information that they need in a shorter period of time.
  • The rules and regulations involved with occupational health services can be overwhelming, especially in a federally regulated industry. Choosing to partner with a TPA will keep you compliant.
  • If an issue or problem with an employee’s services occurs, a TPA has the ability to resolve the situation quickly and professionally.
  • Trying to find providers in other locations outside of your own can be very time consuming. Finding a dependable provider that can meet your needs with quality and knowledge at an acceptable rate can seem like an endless quest.  A TPA has a network of occupational health providers that they have developed based on experience and reputation.
  • Rather than managing invoices from multiple providers for multiple services, a TPA will pay the invoices and send one detailed bill to the employer.

How does NOHS work with a TPA?

NOHS offers national coverage for organizations of any size or industry. We are able to  integrate with an employer’s current testing provider or create a customized program that will best fit an employer’s needs. Providing a streamlined occupational health program and/or drug and alcohol testing program, each employee is guaranteed to receive the same services even if they are in different locations. NOHS as your TPA means you have direct access to your point of contact.

NOHS offers the following TPA services:

  • Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • Random Testing Management
  • DOT Consortium Management
  • On-Site Services
  • After-Hours Services
  • Nationwide Third-Party Administration
  • Physical Exams
  • Hearing Testing
  • Respirator Fitting
  • Medical Surveillance
  • Vaccinations

What if you could use just one source for all of your occupational health needs in all of your locations?

With NOHS, you can!  We will contact, connect and communicate all of your TPA needs.